With the help and guidance of Lesotho Red Cross Society, elderly people from Kena community started a “GRANNY’S CLUB” with the aim of destressing and coming together as elderly people to talk about challenges that they come across in their day to day life.

This elderly ware brought together by the Society in 2012 after seeing the struggles that they go through as they are left raising their grand children whose parents died due to HIV/AIDS. It was discovered that the elderly goes through a lot of stress as they raise these children since some of them are not working and struggle to put bread on the table. The other factor is that raising teenagers is very difficult because some of them do not listen to their grandparents.

In this Club, the focus groups are formed whereby some focus on Kids Club which its main purpose is to teach children about their culture and help them be responsible adults on day. The kids in the club are also taught to make income generating activities so that they learn that they should work hard to get their daily needs.

Through this project, elderly people are also taught to make income generating activities such as flowers and chairs using locally available resources, the money the get from selling those items helps relieve the workload of raising their grandchildren. They also get Psycho-Social Support (PSS) from the Society.