By Ments’ele Mohloboli

On Tuesday 20th February 2024, Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) provided a family whose house had just burned on the outskirts of Maseru at Ha ‘Mants’ebo with relieve materials that included bags of maize meal, rice, beans and cooking oil cosmetics, blankets and mattresses.

The household had four occupants living inside it them being: Mr & Mrs Khuele and their  two grandchildren . Upon assessing the situation on the 19th February, the following day the LRCS provided the family with, food parcels that included bags of maize meal, rice, beans and cooking oil. Also, they provided the family with cosmetics, blankets and mattresses.

“The house was engulfed in flames” said Mrs Khuele in an interview as she was outlining the events of the fateful day to LRCS representatives. The LRCS representative at the scene provided the family with Psycho-social support at which the family was reassured that the LRCS would be with them every step of the way, especially the granddaughter whom it is said is terrified of stepping foot onto the premises due to the trauma the incident caused her.

According to Mrs Khuele, the fire was so vicious that it burned and put both her granddaughter and husband in hospital. The daughter is said to have suffered burns on her head, while the husband suffered burns on his back, shoulders and his left arm. “As it stands, we have no way of moving forward as Mr Khuele is the only breadwinner in this household and we live off his M900 pension money.”

“I hope the Lord helps your organisation to grow so that you may help other people in need” concluded Mrs Khuele.