The Australian High Commissioner to Lesotho Ms. Gita Kamath visited one of the schools in the Butha-Buthe District funded by the Australian Red Cross under the School Feeding Project to see the progress achieved.

After touring the project site, the High Commissioner informed the gathering that education is very important, “however, education alone is not enough; you cannot learn when you are sick and hungry. Clean water, good hygiene and nutrition are very important in your lives and that is why this project is so important.”  Miss Gita said.

She further stated that she is very proud that the Australian Red Cross is helping to make this possible and working together with Lesotho Red Cross Society.

“I just want to congratulate you al; the staff, volunteers and the community here including the principal, the school board, the teachers, the parents, the children and the chief, for the good work done in Lesotho through the Schools Feeding Project.” Miss Gita concluded.

The acting Principal of Mantlobo Primary School Mrs. Mathakane Melato indicated that the School Feeding Project did not only revive their agriculture spirit in schools but at home as well.

“The project has taught us that we need not be without vegetables all year round. We have learned to grow own vegetables and preserve them and for that we are grateful “she explained.

Mrs. Melato further gave a round of applause to members of the community for their dedication and cooperation they have shown throughout the project; from inception.

“If it was not because of you parents, the project and the schools would have failed. Through your assistance, the children are able to eat healthy food at school as well as at their homes because the same vegetables they eat at schools, they take it to their homes,” she said.

Mrs. Melato applauded the LRCS for the good work it has done in their school and the community, saying the LRCS should expand its helping hand to other schools.


One of members of Mantlobo Community, Mrs. Marelebohile Makema gave thanks

especially on the pots and stove indicating that for years their children have been

eating unhealthy food due to broken pots that were used at  the  school.

In addition, the Divisional Treasurer Mrs Magadebe Matela, speaking on behalf of the Butha-Buthe Red Cross Division, that she was privileged to have been to Mantlobo to witness the success of the project.

The LRCS Secretary General Mr. Kopano Masilo indicated that the Society is humbled by the fact that over 192 National Societies worldwide, the LRCS was selected for the funding of about six Million Maloti to bring a smile on the faces of the vulnerable children.

Mr. Masilo added that the LRCS is an organization that takes care of the people, and is one of organizations that are accountable to the people it serves.

“All money that we are funded with in order to assist the communities, we do so with pleasure and conviction d.  please take care of the vegetables and trees. Protect them without fail so that they can benefit everyone”, He added.