As we commemorate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, the Mokhotlong Division has undertaken initiatives such as cleaning campaigns and distributing clothing and hygiene packs to infants born on this day from Mokhotlong Hospital.
Volunteers from the Mokhotlong Division collaborate to clean the surroundings of the divisional office, aiming to strengthen measures against the adverse effects of climate change. Additionally, the division has provided aid packages to infants identified as belonging to vulnerable household.
Sr. Mothibi, representing Mokhotlong Hospital, while receiving the package on behalf of the household, has expressed gratitude for these initiatives, expressing a desire for continued support from the Red Cross.
The core of this commemoration lies in acknowledging the dedication and hard work of Red Cross volunteers, particularly in crisis situations and in their assistance to vulnerable communities.
This activity took place in Mokhotlong town and hospital.#WeKeepHumanityAlive